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In this article I will try to bring you up to date with respect to customs clearance of container cargo, to state the procedure in simple language. This information is from the experience of customs clearance of goods at the port of Odessa and Ilyichevsk. I often listen to the request being sent from the client – "please tell me approximately how much will it cost to clean this or that product?" Just want to save you from illusions – no one ever tells you the amount of payments and related the cost of any of the goods at the customs clearance immediately. Let us turn to the procedure for clarification of this statement. In order to calculate the payments, you must know the basic characteristics of the product, the total weight and country of origin. Only after the customs broker will be able to refer to a monthly database of the indicative (indicative price – the price of the goods which are calculated according to the customs fees, below which the customs clearance can not be done). Such a base monthly buys every customs brokerage company in customs for the most rapid calculation of customs duties. But very often a product that need not be importing into the territory of Ukraine for the last month.

In this case the broker goes to the customs, and takes indicative of product code for which will be performed customs clearance of cargo. Next is miscalculation payments in case of need is identification – determination of the kind and quantity of goods in the container. This procedure will take time, but still with uncertainty in the product in the container and its weight is the best option – get on the protocol mismatch times worse and the worst thing – expensive! There are 2 schemes of importation of the goods: 1 – clearance of goods for a company importing, 2 – Registration for our company as the company's commission in foreign operations. Who would not say, but the second scheme is much easier for the client and the customs broker. First, the client without any problems and unnecessary thoughts already gets stripped of all formalities, the goods. Secondly client does not think about accreditation, certification, payment for additional documents, etc.

The second option eliminates all these delays. Myth number 1. Payments will be calculated on the basis of invoysovoy value. It absolutely not true, such a notion as 'invoysovaya value' in our country is to forget to mind, at least in the next 10 years so well. Fees are calculated based on the indicative prices of customs. Myth number 2. Reduce customs payments it is possible 'in a roundabout way. " Forget about it, the time when this was done by brokerage houses and earning huge profits for a long time have sunk to oblivion.

China and Germany

English Jenson Button was the best one, behind both Red Bull, in Belgium; and third east success will look for his course, after those of Canada and Hungary. Its compatriot Lewis Hamilton, winner in China and Germany; and retired in Belgium, he hopes to invest the luck of the last year, when he won in Spa and he left in Monza. A circuit of 5,793 meters, with slow curves and long straight lines in which the greater speed is reached end of the year – surpassing several times the 330 kilometers to the hour and being able to escape 370-; to that it is predicted that they occur to 53 returns Sunday, for a total route of 306.7 kilometers. With average and soft tires, according to it decreed the unique provider, Pirelli. And in that the Spanish Silvia Bellot (25 years), that made debut in Turkey, will repeat like commissariats. In a Great Prize that will start tomorrow with the free training, that will close Saturday, day in which also the exit grill will be decided. Alguersuario, to recover the good tone The other Spanish in heddle, Jaime Alguersuari, will try to recover the good tone of Spa, where it obtained the best result of his race in a qualification of F1 – sixth, before being attacked in the first curve of the race by Brazilian the Dark brown Seine – nephew of the mythical Ayrton-, that the Lotus Renault will pilot until end of course.

The Catalan will try to enter the points with his Toro Rosso again, who in Monza releases sponsoring, CEPSA, the Spanish Petroleum Company. The other two Spanish speakers of the grill, the Mexican Sergio Perez (Sauber) and the Venezuelan Shepherd Maldonado (Williams), also aspires to finish in the points in Monza. Perez occupied front positions during the first third of race before leaving in Spa-Francorchamps, where Maldonado scored for the first time since he is pilot of Formula 1, when concluding tenth. Source of the news: Alonso: " In 2012 we want to gain &quot from the beginning;


Results of competition "Spring in the style of hockey" summed up in the first days of summer, and we are pleased to announce the winner, it's fox haiku: Look me passing It is intoxicating in the spring. The winner is awarded the grand prize – a weekend for lovers Asia tour operator from the East and South-East Asia, Orient-Travel. In addition, the contest winner announced two awards from the likes of Orient-Travel. The prize went to the most heartfelt sympathies haiku according to organizers. They were working two authors – Shurin DC and SergAlex.

Here is their product: Shurin DC top and bottom of a punch Snow Rain and snowdrop SergAlex Wave petals in the wind rises … Youth passes. Recall competition "Spring in the style of hockey" was held at the site of orient-travel.ru the end of March to 31 May and joined 240 creative works of more than 150 authors. Literary battle was intense, the most interesting haiku visitors gladly rate and comment. All the competition, the course of events observed by the authors hockey fans, moderators, and all worried about the participants! For works that have not been moderated, opened the section entitled 'Out of Competition', visitors to our site to appreciate all those who came to the contest works. Congratulations to the winners and wish them further success and always a pleasant stay! In the near future will be awarded prizes to the winners, we are waiting reviews and photos of our leaders.

Stay tuned. Orient Travel – is a project included in the brand Exclusive Travel, a travel company developed "Continental AG." Orient-Travel provides services for recreation in the East and Southeast Asia at the best resorts in China, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, South Korea and other East Asian countries. Orient-Travel (Continental AG), Moscow, Bolshoi Karetny per., 22 / 1 tel / fax: (495) 780-05-88 e-mail: web:. ru

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